A lot of short posts in one go.

Been listening to the Cilvaringz album. Weird to hear a Wu-Tang album with martial arts samples again. Weird to hear a Wu-Tang album with so many Wu-Tang Clan members on it. Scary to think that Enter The 36 Chambers came out amost 14 years ago… Anyway that Cilvaringz album seems pretty cool so far.

Finally started watching Heroes after being bugged about it by my brother. Enjoying it so far, the acting is strictly TV standard for the most part, but it’s strangely reassuring to see it applied to a superhero story. And it’s nicely avoiding being horribly self-aware like a lot of modern fantasy shows.

As you might have guessed, I’ve been watching the old Channel 4 Harry Hill show after torrents surfaced on UKNova. There was supposed to be a “best of” DVD out last year, did it ever surface? I’m guessing the sheer amount of songs prevent a full series release. SILD!

Other stuff: Starfleet torrents showed up again on Demonoid, so I nabbed them. I was an avid fan of the show back when it showed in the 80s. The puppets don’t do all that much moving in the cold light of the 21st century, but the model work is still awe inspiring. Plus: Barry Hercules still looks like Tony Osoba to these eyes. Here’s the opening: