CIOASIISAG Part 16 – Chaos Marauders

This was a funky little 2-4 player card/board game from Games Workshop. Of course it turned out it’s funkiness was due to it’s inspiration from the more established German boardgame Ogallala, and so it disappeared from the shelves when this was pointed out.

The aim of the game is to build three battle lines of your orcish army and accumulate more Victory Points that your opponents. The battle lines are assembled from cards representing different orcish army units that you draw from shared deck. You could also use any completed lines to attack your rivals.

The game design, wherever it came from, is really solid and for my small first gaming group this was a fun, quick, game to play. One other big appeal to this was, like a lot of Games Workshop’s board games at the time, unified consistent artwork. This had John Blanche at his slimiest providing a variety of mould encrusted cartoony orcs on the cards. Nothing’s worse than a boardgame where the artwork is done by many hands with styles that don’t gel. OK, maybe there are plenty of things worse, but you get my drift. This issue will raise it’s head again later in this series, when I get to a true abomination of games design.