More uber-popular gag manga adaptations that swoop under the radar.

This is an ongoing show that began in 2002, based on the 1994 manga by Eiko Kera. It's the story of the life of a normal Japanese family.

…aaand that's about all you will find out about it on English language sites. Except that it, curiously, is one of the titles Funimation asked people to stop fansubbing in October this year. Which is curious.

Actually further investigation shows it was being hawked last year at film and tv markets as can be seen here. If “Funi” do have the license it will be interesting to see what they do with it. Especially in light of their adaptation of Crayon Shin-Chan.

One thing of note (at least to me) is that the series director is Akitaro Daichi. Who is the king of manga adaptations. In fact such is his skill at transferring the feel of a particular strip to animation that you tend to wonder what his OWN sensibilities are. Particularly when his own, more personal work includes industry insider joke Animation Runner Kuromi, silly ninja comedy Jubei-chan and the disturb-o-tastic Now And Then, Here and There. Not to mention the bizarre decision of recasting his lead from NATHAT as the lead in Legendz…