Initial thoughts on the Bandai Gurren Lagann release

I only got this in my grubby gigantic hands 2 hours ago, but here’s what my initial thoughts are.

* It would have been nice if both discs had stayed secure in transit. As the thing was still factory wrapped, I’m placing some blame on Bandai. Particularly as the one other double disc release this has happened to me on was also a Bandai release. Luckily this time it wasn’t scratched to fuck.

* The subtitles are obtrusive. Not to the point of ruination, but they do take up too much of the screen. And there’s the occasional spelling mistake (plast instead of past, seriously how did that not even get stopped by a spell check program?).

* Gurren Lagann is incredibly rewatchable.

I mean to do an episode by episode review of this, so I’ll leave it at that for now. Except to say, hooray for the weak dollar meaning this cost me less than 10 quid plus postage.