#35 – Mahou Tsukai Sally

It's 1964 and the arguably the most influential TV show in anime history is broadcast for the first time.


This classic US sitcom is a direct influence on Mahou Tsukai Sally, the manga series by Mitsuteru Yokoyama. And all sort of other series (pretty much anything with a mortal male lead and a super powered female love interest). But we are not here to tallk about those other series…

Mahou Tsukai Sally or Sally The Witch, is the tale of Sally the princess of the witch world visiting the mortal world, where she makes friends and decides to stay. Magical hijinks and hiding of secrets ensue. Oh, and the creation of the “Magical Girl” genre. That ensues too.

The anime ran from 1966 to 1968, with a remake being made in 1989. Some young punk called Hayao Miyazaki did key animation for the 77th and 80th episodes in 1967.

Sally was one of Yokoyama's characters that was used in Yasuhiro Imagawa's 1990's Giant Robo OAV series, where she was cast as the daughter of Lord Alberto. Who as any fool knows, is one the greatest characters of all time.