HATE FUN 2002! Witch Hunter Robin

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I think Youtube commenter GreenFont said it best:

I watched this anime and I can say it’s like a bad wank,
It looks like it’s going to be good but it takes a while to cum and then you barely feel it;.

I saw this at one of the Northampton Ayacons, 2002’s I think. It was interrupted by the fire alarm going off, which was almost a relief as I was at risk of being bored into a coma. Technically it’s a fine a show, but good lord, it is some ponderous piffle. Also feels like a show made with one eye on the US market, as it’s got pacing that struck me as very much like a sci-fi tinged drama you might find filling daytime schedules on E4.

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  1. Jonathan L. Switzer
    October 28, 2009

    Which is why it should come as no surprise that Sci-Fi in the U.S. at one time held an option to make a make this into a live action TV series.

    I watched about half of this and thought it was solidly OK. Still have all the DVDs, just forgot where I left off and didn’t really feel like going back and starting over. But now that it’s been a handful of years I might give it a watch again. Mind you, I often wind up liking stuff other people pass up as dull. Don’t really want to think too hard about what that says about me …

    1. Brack
      October 28, 2009

      I’d forgotten about that Sci-Fi channel live action thing. You’re not alone in liking this, there’s loads of glowing reviews for it out there. And I’ll be shortly accusing something so popular of being dull, that I may have my otaku pass revoked…

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