MAD Mondays – Takeshi Koike~!~!~!

Yeah, a Takeshi Koike AMV!

He seems to a be a talent we don’t see enough of nowadays (is he same as this Takeshi Koike. Certainly Viewtiful Joe shares a look with his work).The good news is despite the sparcity of his anime work since the Animatrix, he has a film in the works Redline, an over the top Wacky Races inspired story by the looks of the trailer.

His Trava Fist Planet series on Grasshoppa! is what made me first aware of him. I’d seen his stuff in other things unknowingly, Trava was first thing that really made me aware that there was an individual voice at work. Once you see that, spotting Koike’s work elsewhere gets rather easier (well… unless it’s Hiroyuki Imaishi…).

Here’s the AMV, the music is for once identifiable to these ears. Namely She Bangs The Drum by The Stone Roses.

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