The Four Episode Rule – Future Police Urashiman

What’s the four episode rule?

Do not gush like crazy until you’ve seen at least 4 episodes of a show. Too many times I’ve gone crazy about a show on the first episode, only for it to let me down further down the line. But I think if you can deliver four quality episodes in a row, a show’s worth recommending.

So, enough explaining the new segment of the blog, on with the show.

I first came across Urashiman when I was looking up details of Tatsunoko shows when I was going through the Top 100. However it wasn’t until the Anime World Order podcast reviewed the show and torrented a few episodes of the HK bootleg that I really became interested in it. So what’s this 1983 show all about? Well here’s Tatsunoko’s website to tell you:

52 thirty-minute episodes. A 16-year-old boy encounters a time slip and is transplanted in a future world. The boy, called “Ryu Urashima” in the series, completely loses his memory and even forgets his own name, as he is time slipped. Ryu becomes a police detective in the future world and begins his new life with his cynical colleague, Claude Mizunuma, known as “Claude”. Ryu, though bewildered with the new surroundings, challenges his new job to beat the evil called “Necrime Empire”. Claude, an elite detective, helps Ryu although he trifles with him for his lack of knowledge about his new world. However, Ryu, with his formidable fighting spirit, tries to adjust himself to the new circumstance and gradually becomes a good cop surprising Claude now and then. The series depicts the adventures of these two young men and beautiful woman police, Sophia.

What that’s not telling you is:

  • The character Sophia starts off the series as nun.
  • Claude is voiced by god of 80′s voice acting Akira Kamiya (Ryo Saeba, Kenshiro, Mendou, Kinnikuman, Roy Focker).
  • It has very early animation work from Studio 4C’s Koji Morimoto.
  • The “chief” character occasionally appears to be designed to look and move like Alfred Hitchcock.
  • And it’s an hugely enjoyable action comedy.

So hat’s off to Anime Classic for proving the purpose fansubs are meant for.

Tatsunoko English Page
Anime World Order podcast about Urashiman
Some cels of Urashiman
Future Police Urashiman @ AnimeSuki

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Five Awesome Links

The Calvin Pelorian Cat Project - A history of cats being made to pose for photos as if they were humans.

Namennayo Cats Website – More cats dressed as man.

VBS.TV – Shows: Soft Focus – Ian Svenonius’ chat show on Vibe’s internet TV thing. Yes, Ian Svenonius has a chat show now. And next week he chats with Andrew WK. I get the feeling stars are aligning somewhere.

Matt Gill has been running The Silent Penultimate Panel Watch blog for the past year, where he recorded when the cliche of a silent penultimate panel was used in newspaper comic strips. He’s moving that to a weekly blog now, and his new daily blog is Today’s Rockstars, where he does the same for the cliche of comparing someone or something to a rock star.

Never Not Funny is Jimmy Pardo’s weekly podcast. I’d heard the trailers on TSOYA, but they weren’t really selling it to me. Cut into to tiny clips it seemed a bit too “zoo radio” for my liking, which it is I suppose, but more in line with how Danny Baker or Ricky Gervais have carried out the format. Anyway, after hearing Pardo on TSOYA’s “Jesse, Jordan, Go!” podcast, I gave it a shot and was pleased I did. It’s just 3 guys (and occasionally a guest) chatting about stuff for 45 minutes to an hour, but it’s good stuff and good chat.

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Top 100 Anime Addendum #2: Shonen Ashibe


Heads up to The Japan Shop for even begining to explain in english what the hell this is. It’s an adaptation of a 4 panel gag manga about a boy and his seal.

Though the Anime Encyclopedia says a boy and his sea lion.

I have to say I don’t know the difference between these two beasts to judge.

Anyway, away from the biology differences of marine animals, what else is there to say? Well it’s a seinen comic rather than a shonen one. And it’s created by Hiromi Morishita, who last year won the Japan Media Award for Excellence in Manga for her strip Osaka Hamlet.

And by 1992, the first six volumes of the manga had sold 5 million copies! Which makes me think it’s like Yawara, a show that was massive in it’s day, but has slipped down the back of history’s sofa.

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People I Know Are Awesome

M’chum Grace Chan, has a student film “Imagination Station” up at the National Museums Scotland website alongside her peers, so check it out. And if you likes it, vote!

And so not to show total favouritism, here’s the link to find the rest of the student animation showcase.

Thumbs aloft!

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Nothing is impossible. Except for dinosaurs.

30 Rock totally cemented itself as my favourite comedy show of the now with the Source Awards episode. Seriously, what other sitcom has had Ghostface Killah on their show TWICE. And this episode had LL Cool J acting, which is what he does best nowadays. AND Wayne Brady playing an awesomely boring character, who was not only boring, but the things he was boring about were bizarrely boring.

So American people, watch this stuff. Everyone else, well you can use the evil powers of the internet like I do. But watch it.

While The Office has laugh out loud moments, I find this hits that mark more often. The cast don’t just deliver good lines, they are physically funny in themselves. Characters who can make you smile just by their appearance on screen, is something to be cherished.

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Top 100 Anime Addendum #1: Gu-Gu Ganmo

More profiles in anime I have never seen. This time picking through the TV Asahi 2006 broadcast anime survey. Which was done by celebrities rather than normal people. Which is a shame. That being said it fair resembled the previous years survey, but with some interesting differences. So I’m going to go through and look at some of these interlopers.

A eighties show from Toei.

I have no idea what it’s about, seems to involve a giant chicken though. It mostly seems to be notable for being an early work of the super talented animator Toshiyuki Inoue, who will be the subject of next Monday’s MAD Monday.

AND, here’s a curiousity gleamed from the Landolt-C: Recommended Music and Anime site, much of crew of this show produced the Pop Chaser episode in the OAV porn series, Cream Lemon.

As any anime trivia buff will tell you, Pop Chaser would go onto to be remade as PROJECT A-KO.

All of which kind of makes me want to see this chicken based comedy show.

Landolt-C: Recommended Music and Anime site
TOEI’s Gu-Gu Ganmo site

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